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About Pinon Real Estate Group

At Pinon, we are long-term oriented. We build relationships, not transactions.

Our aim is to take care of our client’s needs for a lifetime, not simply one transaction.

We strive to use our Knowledge, Spirit & Imagination to help you.

KNOWLEDGE: We are committed to the fundamentals. We are competent. We are rigorous. We are in continuous learning. We are full-time real estate professionals, up-to-date in our credentials.

SPIRIT: We listen. We do our homework. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves. We will be responsive. We will be resourceful. We will be ethical. We have a supportive team approach.

IMAGINATION: We will use our creativity, skills, and our extensive network of other good people to gain a competitive advantage for our clients in the marketplace. Because each and every one of our clients is the most important client we have.

In our world, real estate isn’t about transactions, commissions and sales. It is about conversations.

Conversations about what is important to you, what you care about and how you want to live. This involves listening and observing and taking action. We know this market. We know the history. We know property values and we have a very good idea of what we can expect in the future.

Each of us has a story that brought us here together.

Many of us were pursuing something – clean air, the mountains and forest, the river, dark skies, the quiet, safety, the feeling of genuine community . Others were escaping something – traffic, noise, the city, bright lights, crime. For most of us this began with a conversation with someone about what it is like to live and play here. So, that’s our invitation to you. No pressure. Just a simple conversation and an offer to help. We would love to hear from you