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Buying A Home in Salida Colorado

Welcome to the Pinon Real Estate Group buyer resource. If you are reading this, you have more than likely looked at a few things on our website,, the MLS or another area listing source. You probably also visited the Chamber of Commerce website, the Salida Citizen, the Mountain Mail or any number of great sites that tell the story of our beautiful valley.

So, now how about finding a guide to bring you around and give you an experienced inside look at what it’s like to live here. For most of us, the honeymoon has never ended. What intrigued us and spoke to our souls when we first came here, continues to hold us spellbound as we respectfully inhabit this jewel of a place.

We are a veteran team of artists, skiers, cyclists, former execs, fly-fishing guides, kayakers, hikers, mothers and wives, fathers and husbands, sons and daughters – an endless storehouse of information on the history of Salida from a social and real estate perspective. What we really value most is each other, our sacred place here in Salida, competing, helping people get here and building community. We are loaded with passion and despite the way it can be in other towns and cities you may have visited – we trust each other and what we say. It’s real. Expect to relax.
We work with a variety of clients from veterans of million dollar transactions to first-time homebuyers.
Most of our clients become our friends because the conversations we are having are much more than “What can I get for x amount of dollars”? It is more of a counseling conversation about how you want to live, what you value, the doctor and dentist you want to know, where’s the best coffee, places to eat, the bike shop and the like. We are very good at questions and listening. We believe they are doors to your dreams. Our schedule is your schedule. It takes as long as it takes to find your special place. We are in no hurry.

In fact, despite being the #1 real estate company for the past four years, we believe we have never “sold” a property to any of our clients. We simply but expertly guide and direct you to opportunities to fall in love with properties that we hear may be a fit to your needs and wishes. If it take days and miles, we’re good with it. We’re not afraid to be silent and let the beauty of the landscape speak to you.

We are expert negotiators and masters of contracts. We will take you from financing, to offer, to earnest money and contracts, to due diligence, to the closing table and the keys in your hand. We live in both the big picture and the countless little details. So, here we are. Explore these pages and then go to the “Find a Broker” tab or call the office and ask for help. We would love to meet you!