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Steps to Buying a Home

There are ten basic stems you can take to help achieve your goals when buying a home:

  1. Select a buyer’s agent to represent your interests.
  2. Begin your search for a new home before your existing home is under contract.
  3. Discuss your needs. Make sure your agent fully understands what type of home will best suit you.
  4. Learn all you can about the neighborhood you would like to live in.
  5. Become pre-approved with a mortgage lender, as this will make you a more attractive buyer when making an offer.
  6. Make an offer by submitting your contract through your Pinon Real Estate Group agent to the seller for review.
  7. Finalize an official contract with your Pinon Real Estate Group agent. Submit earnest money as required.
  8. Secure mortgage commitment.
  9. Make preliminary moving plans with regard to utilities, insurance policies, etc.
  10. Final inspection and closing.