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Selling A Home in Salida Colorado

We continue to finish each year in the #1 position for real estate companies in our market.
Ask us for our numbers. They tell an important part of our story. The rest of our success story can be attributed to our people and our technology. We encourage you to visit our office in downtown Salida and look in any room. You’ll find extraordinary people focused on each other, our systems and our clients. Shared values. Shared actions.

As a Seller, it is important for you to hear that we know where the buyers are and what they are looking for. We cast a wide net for buyers and investors. National and International internet links, newspapers and publications and the most sophisticated online outreach in the business – including web banners, social networking, online articles, blogs and we have a few special technical secrets that puts us precisely where the most qualified buyers are. Our listing brochures and marketing materials are professionally designed by a team of graphic designers and web-masters.

We founded our company to be of service to our clients. Simple. Not Easy.
It requires that we put ourselves where you are, too. Total involvement and commitment from our front desk to the CEO. Our people live in the details but they come from the heart.
Taking some time at the very beginning of the selling process to understand what you care about is critically important to a smooth selling process. It may be that you want to sell quickly to pursue another opportunity and what you really need is an accurate analysis and advice on how to price your property -so that it will attract the most buyers as quickly as possible. Or it may be that you have the luxury of waiting for just the right buyer that will pay what you think your property is worth. Or you may want to owner finance for tax purposes. Our ability to understand what is important to you will directly affect the outcome of the sale.

When you decide to sell your home something dramatic happens. You begin to shift from home owner to home seller. And your most important job becomes getting your home ready for sale.
When you have been in as many homes as we have and have sold as many homes as we have, you get a pretty good feeling about how a home needs to look to be most attractive to a buyer.
We’ll be there to help you with every detail in staging your home for sale.

Your Pinon Real Estate Group broker will provide you with detailed feedback on scheduling, showings and helpful buyer comments. We’ll tell the story of your home the way it deserves to be told. Each home and property is unique. Each conversation and showing with a buyer must reflect the uniqueness of each property.

And when a connection is made between your property and a buyer, we will seamlessly and professionally handle all of the contract details right up to the passing of checks and keys at the closing table. As a Seller working with Pinon Real Estate Group, you are tapping into a vast wealth of information and experience in the Salida market. We promise our knowledge, spirit and imagination in bringing a buyer to you. After all, it’s not only what we do. It’s who we are.